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https://fapvidik.pro/ has a huge content, I couldn't find an exact number of videos, but we are in thousands of videos. What you need to know with Fap Porn Videos is that the site does not host any videos with consent from the users. fapvidik.pro is just a adult search engine. When you visit that channel, you are not sure what videos to watch or which ads you can see. Even if they made it easy for you to find videos, you can still get a bit bothered by it and call it a parasite. But if you really think about it, it is really nothing. Unless the video is full length porn, but it is also normal porn for someone not familiar with porn. It's a harmless resource, and I wouldn't really care about it. And it could help you to realize that you're always bored. Some videos are of good quality and you may appreciate it. But what is bothering me is the fact that this site is so huge, yet its tiny userbase. On its PornTube channel alone, there are more than a thousand videos! Oh, and if you're looking for hardcore porn, you will find it. There are more than a hundred videos in that series!